I'd really love more time

Today’s Bloganuary prompt: “What is the greatest gift someone could give you?”

This isn’t going to be a very thoughtful response. It’s more grounded in what I am experiencing in my life right now. The answer for me is time.

My biggest stressors on a daily basis are related to my management of my time, and how I feel I am losing more and more of it to obligations. My mornings are currently scheduled in a way that has forced me to give up an activity or two that I should be doing. I just don’t have the time in the morning to do them along with the other things I have committed to doing. In the evening, I have other obligations that occupy my time until well into the evening in general.

This issue for me is pretty understandable. I struggle in general with flexibility. I tend to operate in a rigid fashion. I don’t react too well to changes in schedule, for instance, or to spontaneity. I like to schedule things out and stick to that schedule. But not too many things. I need to have free time booked in there as well, and I struggle internally when that free time is interrupted. I am not an easy person to schedule a life around. I understand that and I’m working on it.

Eventually—probably when I retire—I’ll get over this problem I have. I look forward to that day. Work takes up way too much of anyone’s time, so yeah, that’s the easy culprit. I can’t not do that at this point in my life, unfortunately. So what I can do, because it’ll do as much good as worrying about having to go to work, is think that anyone who might want to gift me something luxurious would give me more time. That really would be a tremendous gift.

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January 04, 2024
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