If I had a million dollars

Today’s Bloganuary prompt: “What would you do if you won the lottery?

This is an interesting week for this question to come up. I’ve been working to re-frame how I view my day to day life. A week, two weeks ago, I would have unequivocally said retire and never think about work again. It would be cathartic, and I would probably leave bitter, feeling like too many things don’t work because people don’t want them to. Today, with a slightly different perspective and approach, I’d still do the same thing. I’d still think the same thing, and I’d happily leave work behind forever. But the difference is in how I’m planning to approach life starting now.

See, I won’t win the lottery, so I have to think about what happens then. My new way of living includes thinking I can actually have a decent time working and doing what I do as well as I can. Where I am, a difference is possible, and that’s all I have left to work for at this point. It’s not longer about making a bunch of money, if it ever realistically was. It’s about what I can look back on that helps me avoid being bitter about my working time. There are definitely a few places that don’t stand a chance there, but how I finish does matter to me.

That absolutely sounds cheesy. I’m fine with it. It’s what I can do now, so I think I should try. That’s all. Then, when I’m ready, I’ll never think of work again.

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January 28, 2024
Tags: lottery | work
Categories: Bloganuary