All that complaining

Today’s Blognauary prompt: “What do you complain about the most?

The answer is easy. The implied improvement following such recognition isn’t. I complain the most about work. It’s that simple. I am not a fan of having a ob, would rather have no need to work at all, and would much rather spend my time and limited physical wellness on things that matter to me. Work, for all intents and purposes, matters only in the sense that it gets me money.

So, now that I’ve established myself as pretty much just like the rest of you, here is where I make an attempt to improve based on recognizing that.

I made the choice recently to re-frame how I view work. I have spent way too much time hating it and, in turn, causing anxiety in myself because my attitude toward it is so negative. I feel that, but I don’t want that. In making a conscious choice to approach work more positively, I hope I can relieve some of the anxiety I feel by addressing things that make it less delightful than it should be. I have to get over feeling like I don’t belong there, like I wound up there by accident, and like I can’t complete the things that are asked of me. All of those things are untrue, but I have spent my time convincing myself that they are.

The new approach is just beginning (like, less than a week since I began). I don’t have a lot to go off of yet as to whether it’s working or will work, but I’ve been able to stick to it so far. While it’s not a long time to stick to anything yet, it’s also a time I haven’t disregarded it, so all signs are positive so far. I’ve been able to keep a better outlook and as a result I think my sleep is improving a bit.