We got a real storm

A tree stands in the middle of a small yard, both covered in snow.
My Catalpa tree, which stands as the subject of my many photos showing current conditions at my house. Photo by Ryan C. Jerz, March 2, 2024.

This week saw a heavily-broadcast threat of a major winter storm in the Sierra and hitting the valley floor in Reno. It was real. We went to sleep last night with some snow coming down but not quite sticking and woke up to about six inches sticking on the ground. Everything underneath our patio was covered, suggesting the wind blew all night as well.

We were supposed to be at a meditation retreat this weekend in Grass Valley, California, which is a quick jump over the mountains, normally. It was canceled as the pass we’d have to traverse was supposed to see over 12 feet of snow between yesterday and today. Since that was canceled, we decided today would be a great day to see Dune in the IMAX theater we have, but I’m not leaving. Dune will happen tomorrow. Today, movies and soup.